Buy Sandalwood to use in your Spells and Rituals. This high quality Sandalwood still holds inside its rich and exotic aroma. Sandalwood is associated by witches with the powers and the glory of the Moon. Thus, it has been used by Moon cults and in Witchcraft to conjure magical powers, summon spirits and bless a person and a house.

Sandalwood in Witchcraft

Witches have a long history with this special fragrant wood. They used it for many reasons.

  • Summon the Spirits. They believed that its aroma has the power to summon spiritual forces, excluding the baneful ones. For this reason it is usually accompanied by Copal Resin.
  • As it conjures the forces of the Moon, it has been used in divination. Thus, burning it was believed to promote intuition and psychic powers.
  • It has also been used in healing ceremonies, as its scent was believed to help the healer identify the problem and heal a person’s aura. Sometimes, Palo Santo powder is added.

Each bag contains 30g of Sandalwood.