Cardamon seeds




Buy Cardamon seeds to use in your Spells and Rituals. As it corresponds to Mars, the fiery red planet, seeds were widely used by witches to empower one’s aura. Moreover, they used it to activate love life by rejuvenating his/her vital energy. This is also why they were widely used in spells regarding sex and healing.

Because of all the above, Witches used Cardamon for many reasons:

  • Seeds are usually put in red mojo bags (along with other herbs and roots) to create a potent charm for love and sex life.
  • Just carrying some seeds, was believed to create an attraction aura, making the witch more enchanting than usual.
  • The same colour (red mojo bag) was used to create charms for vitality and courage spells.

You will receive 30 grams of Cardamon (seeds).